Archways at Notre Dame's Eck Center

South Bend, Indiana

After Photos

Occasionally we take on new construction projects and the Eck Center at Notre Dame was one of those rare jobs for Architectural Castings. The new visitor’s center was designed in the traditional Gothic Collegiate style, typical on the Notre Dame campus. Another uncommon element of this project for us – we did not complete our usual design and engineering, rather, we created parts to the specifications of the project architect.
The Completed Eck Center Archways

Construction Photos

We were tasked with fabricating 36 foot interior arches. Mimicking older architecture on the campus, the arches were made from a light-weight thin-shelled material, with replicated mortar joints. All of the arches were fit together in our shop in Portland, Oregon before being shipped to South Bend, Indiana. This allowed us to ensure that the 57 parts that made up the 9 arches would fit perfectly when installed by the general contractors.